Welcome to my personal homepage. I am a biostatistician and professor emeritus based in Lower-Saxony, Germany. To learn more about my research please refer to my curriculum vitae (CV_2021), or to my research gate profile.

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Hothorn

Recent publications

  • Hothorn, L.A. Closed test procedures for the comparison of dose groups against a negative control group or placebo. ArXiv2012.15093 (2021)

  • Hothorn, L.A. A statistical method for estimating the no-observed-adverse-event-level. ArXiv 2101.00427v1 (2021)

  • Hothorn, L.A. and Pirow R. Use compatibility intervals in regulatory toxicology. Reg ToxPharm (2020) July 6, 104720

  • Kluxen, F.M. and Hothorn, L.A. Alternatives to statistical decision trees in regulatory (eco‑) toxicological bioassays. ArchTox (2020) 94:1135:49.

  • Kitsche A, Ritz C, Hothorn LA A general framework for GWAS using multiple marginal models. Hum Hered (2016) 81(3):150-172